#014: And Apocalypse Draft Picks

We’re back this week with a roundtable on the 5 characters we’d want on our team during the apocalypse! Lindsey has an eight-point admission criterion that would put NASA to shame, Melanie bases her choices off of Hogwarts house alignments (Hufflepuffs and Slytherins get priority), and Richard assumes he’s the weakest link on his own roster. We also talk PaleyFest, Season 2 of Daredevil, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Read More!

#013: And Possession

We got a little “possessed” this week and talked about all things spooky, suspenseful, horrific and hilarious. Melanie throws back to the many possessed and mutated characters on SMALLVILLE, Lindsey brings up her love for THE CONJURING, and Richard has fun watching JENNIFER’S BODY. Read More!

#011: And NSFK

This week is all about the movies that we were much too young to have seen the first time around – horror, adult comedy, and more. Lindsey opens up about her childhood obsession with ROAD TO PERDITION, Richard pays tribute to Wes Craven’s NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, and BLAZING SADDLES caused young Melanie to have some uncomfortable conversations with her parents. Read More!

#010: And Bonus: The 2016 Oscars

Lidnsey, Melanie, and Richard are talking the tragedy that was the 88th Academy Awards in a BONUS episode JUST FOR YOU! Read More!

#009: And Robots

We’ve got robots (and just about everything else) on the brain in this week’s episode. Melanie goes off on Marvel, male inventors, and the origins of the “fembot” in METROPOLIS. BIG HERO 6 made Lindsey cry, and ROBOT AND FRANK showed Richard that robots are friends too. (No robots were harmed in the making of this episode.) Read More!

#008: And Siblings

We talk siblings this week – the relatives we love to hate and hate to love and all of the above. Lindsey gets witchy with HOCUS POCUS, Richard continues the Toni Collette lovefest this week with IN HER SHOES, and Melanie throws back to SUPERNATURAL and the never-ending saga of two brothers who just can’t get their shit together. There’s drinking, laughing, and just a tiny bit of Frank Sinatra-bashing. Read More!

#007: And POTUS

There are more fictional Presidents of the United States than Wikipedia can list on one article, and we touch on just a few of our favorites this week. Lindsey feels the love for Bruce Greenwood (one man, multiple presidents!), Richard re-discovers his love for Harrison Ford in AIR FORCE ONE, and Melanie talks about the wacky presidential comedy, DAVE. Read More!

#006: And Tainted Love

With Valentine’s Day products literally everywhere, we’ve got love on the brain. Specifically, the kind of love that makes people do terrible, horrible things. Melanie continues our 1999 appreciation with EYES WIDE SHUT, Richard is appalled at Ike Turner’s everything while watching WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT, and Lindsey takes a moment to (rightfully) drag THE NOTEBOOK. Also, a random tangent on Bad Bromance (The D Train). Read More!

#005: And Not-So-Happy Endings

We dive headlong into the January blues this week by talking about movie endings that depressed us. Richard makes all of us cry simply by describing BOYS DON’T CRY, Lindsey continues the “Haley Joel Osment in 90s movies” theme with PAY IT FORWARD, and Melanie throws back to the original realistic romcom with ROMAN HOLIDAY. Don’t worry, we still manage to be funny amidst all the angst. Read More!