Invisible in Hollywood

Have you ever turned on a television show or film and identified with an admirable character on screen? If you happen to be a white man, that answer will more than likely be “yes”. Superman, Han Solo, James Bond, the most iconic characters in film share your general appearance and values that society teaches you to hold in high esteem (honor, wealth, power, etc.). Where does this leave women and minorities? While it’s not impossible to find great female, black, and LGBTQ role models in film, it’s far too difficult in comparison to our white cisgender male counterparts. This gap in representation on screen and behind the camera throughout Hollywood is largely unfounded in 2016, yet studios are still resistant to the progress audiences have been calling for. When we see ourselves represented on screen in a powerful and positive way, it can boost self-esteem. Isn’t it about time the diversity we see in our American society be reflected in the entertainment we consume?

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