#051: And Inspiration

People were hurting last week and we need some healing. This week we are talking about films, TV, and music that inspire us to keep up hope when we are most down. Read More!

#050: And Aethernaut

This week the hosts interview chiptune composer Aethernaut. Join us as we learn about the niche music genre and what inspires his writing. Read More!

#049: And The Long Haul

What does a 3+ hour movie need to do to keep you engaged? This week we are talking about the movies that we consider time well spent watching. Read More!

#048: And Halloween with Will Sterling

This week your hosts are joined by Will Sterling to reflect on the holiday that is Halloween. Read More!

#047: And Monster Mash

This week we dive into monsters both classic and modern and the woman we have to thank for it all.

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#046: And Zombies With Mandy Bardisbanian

We’ve got zombies on the brain! And joining us to discuss the ever changing monsters is Mandy Bardisbanian.

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#045: And Horror in Games with Jacob Gehnert

In celebration of the month of Halloween, we start off October with horror in video games. Jacob Gehnert joins us to talk about the games we’ve loved throughout the decades and evolution of consoles.

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The Women of Marvel Are Taking Over

Marvel recently announced that She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) will headline her own title comic once again, this time without the feminizing pronoun. This Summer’s Civil War II event has had some devastating outcomes, one being the death of Dr. Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk. And there is no one better to take on the mantle than badass lawyer, Jennifer Walters. With this change, Marvel makes it abundantly clear that women are an equal force to be reckoned with. Read More!

#044: And John Hughes w/ Chris Mangano

This week we are joined by producer Chris Mangano to discuss the magic of John Hughes films. We are also talking the Emmy’s!

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#043: And 2010’s

This week we are looking at what the 20teens have had to offer us so far. Film is not dead! Rediscover some favorites with us!

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