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Lindsey Ree Brunken Twitter | Instagram | Letterboxd

I’m Lindsey! I’m a 23 year old LA transplant from Portland OR with a degree in Film & Photography. My favorite movie is Cast Away, closely followed by Jaws (I guess I have a thing for people being afraid near oceans). Besides hosting this podcast, I spend my time working in the film and television industry here in Los Angeles.

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RichardBioThumbRichard Cardenas Twitter | Instagram | Letterboxd

I’m Richard; born and raised in Los Angeles. I’m Into video games and comic books (recent endeavor). My favorite movies include First Wives Club, Scream and to Wong Foo. I’ve been podcasting for 2 years and get more and more excited for creating content.

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Hi I’m Melanie! I’m from Portland, Oregon and love Orson Welles like you couldn’t believe. Knitting, hunting, and listening to Bob Dylan is what I do with my time when I’m not kicking ass and taking names at your local bookstore. Quiz me about Daredevil or Ken Kesey sometime!

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Image courtesy of Adam Dachis