Marvel is Giving the Queer Community Its Due

Marvel Comics is taking more and more risks with their titles. Due to more female-led comics and people of color heading their own series, diversity has become a priority for the comic book publisher. For too long the queer community has had to take a backseat in comic books to the straight heteronormative characters such as Captain America, Iron Man, Daredevil, and many more. Now is the time to rejoice and celebrate as we begin to see ourselves up-front and center.

Marvel recently announced that queer Latina character America Chavez will get her own series (due out in March 2017). She is not the only queer character to get her own series next year. In October (2016) it was announced that recentely-outed X-Man Bobby Drake, “AKA” Iceman, would be headlining his own series following the Inhumans vs. X-Men event (set to release later this year). The Queer community is beginning to see its day in the limelight with Marvel.

Comics tend to skirt around queer characters’ sexualities; they always imply, but never directly say. With our ever-changing world becoming more accepting, and at the same time less tolerant, of the LGBTQ community it is important to tell these stories explicitly. We are tired of seeing the same characters triumph, fall, and live the same stories again and again. We are ready for something new. We are ready for diversity. As one of the biggest comic book publishers, Marvel has a responsibility to it’s readers and they are blowing it out of the park.

Cover Image Credit: Jamie McKelvie

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